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"I love to hear a choir. I love the humanity... to see the faces of real people devoting themselves to a piece of music. I like the teamwork. It makes me feel optimistic about the human race when I see them cooperating like that." Paul McCartney
I joined Langlee Community Choir because...
"I love singing, but my family thought I needed more practice."

This page is our CV because it shows the variety of events we enthusiastically throw ourselves into, and it will also let you know of some of the other performers who have had the pleasure of sharing a stage with us.


8th September 2018
11.30 a.m. Langlee Community Centre
Annual performance at Langlee Carnival.
Tickets: £10

29th September 2018
7.30 p.m. Langlee Community Centre
Concert in aid of Gala Remembers
Tickets: £8

Watch this space for other performances yet to be confirmed.



22 June 2018 - Holy Trinity Church, Melrose. British Legion concert with Se Cantaben choir from France.
12 May 2018 - Langlee Community Centre. Spring concert with Staffordshire WI & Friends Choir.
16 December 2017 - Langlee Community Centre. Choir's Christmas concert.
December 2017 - Heriot Wall University Library. Carol singing.
9 December 2017 - Market Square, Melrose. In aid of Melrose Rotary.

23 September 2017 - Victoria Hall, Selkirk. Concert with Selkirk Silver Band.
9 September 2017 - Langlee Community Centre. Langlee Carnival.
9 September 2017 - Flash mob for Tony Brown.
2 September 2017 - Old Parish & St Paul's Church, Galashiels. Borders Heritage Week concert with Tuuslaulayat Choir from Finland.
1 July 2017 - Market Square, Galashiels. Rose ceremony for Gala Week.
30 June 2017 - Volunteer Hall, Galashiels. Investiture concert for Gala week.
19 May 2017 - Earlston Church, Earlston. Fundraiser for Christian Aid.
6 May 2017 - Langlee Community Centre, Galashiels. Choir's spring concert.
29 April 2017 - Focus Centre, Galashiels. Galashiels Walking Festival Concert.
8 April 2017 - Langlee Community Centre, Galashiels. RNIB event.
17 December 2016 - Langlee Community Centre, Galashiels. Choir's Christmas Concert.
10 December 2016 - Market Square, Melrose. Carol singing in aid of Melrose Rotary.
10 December 2016 - Tesco, Galashiels. Carol singing.
3 December 2016 - Mac Arts Centre, Galashiels. Christmas Market hosted by Heriot Watt Student Union.
2 December 2016 - Trinity Church, Galashiels. In aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care.
22 October 2016 - Darnick Village Hall, Darnick. In aid of Parkinson's UK.
10 September 2016 - Langlee Community Centre, Galashiels. Langlee Carnival.
26 August 2016 - Stowed Out! Festival, Stow. Flash mob.
15 May 2016 - Douglas Bridge Place, Galashiels. Arrival of The Flying Scotsman.
14 May 2016 - Holy Trinity Church, Melrose. Concert in aid of the Royal British Legion.
16 April 2016 - Langlee Community Centre, Galashiels. Choir's Spring concert.
11 March 2016 - Trinity Church, Galashiels. World War 1 Commemoration.
5 December 2015 - Langlee Comunity Centre. Choir's Christmas Concert.
21 November 2015 - Old Parish & St Paul's Church, Galashiels. Christmas Concert.
31 October 2015 - Galashiels Rugby Club. Senior Citizens/Wise Ones' lunch.
29 September 2015 - St John's Church Hall, Langlee. Waverley Housing AGM.
12 September 2015 - Langlee Community Centre, Galashiels. Langlee Carnival.
11 September 2015 - Focus Centre, Galashiels. Borders Walking Festival.
6 September 2015 - Our Lady & St Andrew's Church, Galashiels. Opening of the Borders Railway.
27 June 2015 - Market Square, Galashiels. Braw Lads Roses Ceremony.
13 June 2015 - Focus Centre, Galashiels. Fundraiser for the people of Nepal.
16 May 2015 - Volunteer Hall, Galashiels. Guest performance with Abba Reunion.
16 May 2015 - Balmoral Primary School, Galashiels. School fete.
18 April 2015 - Langlee Community Centre, Galashiels. Spring concert.
6 December 2014 - Focus Centre, Galashiels. Christmas concert.
1 December 2014 - Volunteer Hall, Galashiels. In aid of World AIDS Day.
29 November 2014 - Market Square, Galashiels. Christmas lights switch on.
29 November 2014 - St Peter's Church, Galashiels. Christmas Concert.
14 November 2014 - War Memorial, Galashiels. Angel's Wings Ceremony.
13 September 2014 - Langlee Community Centre, Galashiels. Langlee Carnival.
2 August 2014 - St Mary's School - Melrose Pipe Band Championships - Performance cancelled due to bad weather.
28 June 2014 - Cornmill Square, Galashiels - Braw Lads 'Laying of the Roses' ceremony.
8 June 2013 - Cornmill Square, Galashiels. Opening ceremony.
17 May 2014 - Balmoral Primary School Spring Fayre.
19 April 2014 - Yarrow Kirk. Surprise performance following the marriage of Rachel Hermiston and Gordon Pattison.
15 March 2014 - Focus Centre, Galashiels. Concert with Borders Strathspey & Reel Society in aid of Melrose Station Restoration.
14 February 2014 - Old Parish Church, Kelso - Concert in aid of Chernobyl Children's Life Line.
14 December 2013 - Focus Centre, Galashiels - Christmas concert
7 December 2013 - Asda, Galashiels. Carol singing
24 September 2013 - Langlee Community Centre, Galashiels - Waverley Housing Association AGM
14 September 2013 - Langlee Community Centre, Galashiels - Langlee Carnival
10 August 2013 - Volunteer Hall, Galashiels - With the Treorchy Male Choir. Wow! Our largest audience to date. In aid of The Rowan Boland Memorial Trust
7 August 2013 - Bank Street Gardens, Galashiels - Commemoration of 500th Anniversary of the Battle of Flodden
4 August 2013 - Asda Family Fun Day, Galashiels
29 June 2013 - Braw Lad and Lass Laying of the Roses Ceremony, War Memorial, Galashiels.
9 March 2013 - Border Strathspey and Reel Society, Focus Centre, Galashiels (In aid of Waverley Railway Company's Melrose Station Platform Restoration Fund)
1 March 2013 - Choirs in Concert, Tait Hall, Kelso
17 December 2012 - St Boswells Concert Band, St Boswells Village Hall
15 December 2012 - Christmas Concert, Focus Centre, Galashiels
8 September 2012 - Langlee Carnival, Langlee Community Centre, Galashiels - OUR FIRST EVENT!

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Langlee Community Choir was founded in 2012 by Langlee Residents Association
Thank you to Langlee Residents Association for giving us this opportunity to come together in such a fun and uplifting way.